How to get rid of belly fat: 12 ways to reduce belly fat

How to get rid of belly fat: 12 ways to reduce belly fat ?

12 ways to reduce belly fat There are some factors that lead to the emergence of the stomach, including bloating and actual abdominal fat, where bloating occurs as a result of water retention, narrowing of the digestive system, and excessive eating, while real belly fat occurs as a result of storing body energy and many of us want to have a flat and toned belly as bloating is not Excessive belly fat can be unhealthy. How to get rid of belly fat: 12 ways to reduce belly fat

especially if it is visceral fat or the deep abdominal fat that surrounds your organs, it circulates in your bloodstream more regularly and therefore is more likely to raise the amount of fat in your blood, which increases blood sugar levels and puts you in a higher risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes to reduce belly fat, these home remedies, and some methods and tips can help you without casual diet or fitness craze to get rid of belly fat.

About belly fat

  • Before we talk about ways of belly fat, we must first know what belly fat is.
  • The fat that is found in the abdominal area is located under the skin and is in the waist area. It is a storehouse of energy and protects the internal organs.
  • Small amounts of subcutaneous fat are considered normal and healthy.
  • But the presence of visceral fat that surrounds the internal organs is one of the most dangerous types of fat, which leads to the occurrence of heart disease and diabetes.
  • Consists of overeating with large calories without exercising.

What is the normal amount of fat in your body?

  • Methods of getting rid of belly fat in women are different from the methods followed by men.
  • Fat cells store estrogen, so women need some belly fat to function, so eating a little extra fat spoils the entire hormonal function, causing serious health problems such as irregular menstruation and even infertility.
  • Therefore, most women get rid of belly fat to get better health and to avoid many diseases.
  • The normal percentage of body fat for women ranges between 20-30% of the entire body.

How long does it take to get rid of belly fat?

  • Many people wonder how to get rid of belly fat as quickly and easily as possible
  • This is different from one person to another. It is not possible to specify a period. Genetic factors, age, lifestyle, stress, and sleep play a role in getting rid of belly fat and the same applies to all body fat in fact.
  • The important thing is not the fastest way to get rid of belly fat, but the right way that you can adhere to and be consistent.

How to get rid of belly fat: 12 real and proven tips

The process of getting rid of belly fat depends on a number of different things and methods, but there is one way: do not focus on the fastest way to get rid of belly fat or get rid of excess calories, but you must exercise and follow a healthy diet and here are 12 ways to get rid of belly fat Belly in a safe and effective way.

  1. Reduce sugar

  • Too many sugary foods and drinks can lead to excess fat storage because the body’s insulin levels work hard to keep excess glucose out of the bloodstream.
  • Recent studies have indicated a relationship between eating a lot of sugar and excess belly fat.
  • Foods rich in sugar include drinks such as soft drinks, and foods such as processed foods, fast food, fried foods, and sweets.
  • Reducing the amount of sugar can be difficult, as some studies indicate that sugar can be addictive because eating sugar releases opioids and dopamine in the body, which play many important roles in the brain and body.
  1. consume healthy fats

  • Adding healthy fats in the form of monounsaturated fats helps you feel satisfied with your meal.
  • Sources of unsaturated fatty acids are olive oil, nuts, avocado, fatty fish, and eggs.
  • Fatty acids help in increasing the feeling of satiety while providing a variety of health benefits when consumed in appropriate quantities.
  1. No white carbs

  • You should not eat refined carbohydrates to get rid of belly fat and enjoy good metabolic health.
  • It is possible to replace the strict low-carb diet with unprocessed carbohydrates.
  • Where it is possible to eat vegetables and whole grains instead of white bread, white rice and soda.
  1. Two-three liters of H2O daily

  • When drinking 2-3 liters of water per day, it helps digest food, reduces bloating, and maintains metabolism.
  • It is possible to reduce daily calories when replacing sugary drinks with water, which leads to the loss of belly fat.
  • Some studies conducted on 50 obese women found a decrease in their weight when they drank about 500 ml of water 3 times a day 30 minutes before each meal for 8 consecutive weeks.
  • Drinking water every day on a regular basis burns more calories.
  • Drinking water immediately before eating reduces appetite as well as calories, and you should not take any other drinks that contain a lot of sugars and calories.
  1. manage stress (reduce cortisol)

  • People who suffer from chronic stress can lead to accumulation of belly fat.
  • Stress leads to the secretion of the hormone cortisol, which stimulates appetite and overeating, slowing down the metabolism, and promoting belly fat storage.
  • When practicing calming techniques such as meditation, deep breathing manages and reduces stress & helps you lose belly fat.
  1. Increase green leafy veggies

  • Leafy green vegetables contain a lot of fiber; Which helps regulate blood sugar levels, as belly fat increases the risk of insulin resistance and diabetes, and fruits and vegetables are a healthy alternative to simple carbohydrates.
  • Instead of eating foods that contain sugar and a high amount of carbohydrates, eat foods that contain fiber such as whole-grain bread, oats, vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes and chia seeds.
  • Eating vegetables helps in losing weight because they help you feel full for a longer period, thus ensuring that your diet remains in a calorie deficit.
  1. Eat lean protein

  • One way to speed up the elimination of belly fat is to increase the amount of protein in your diet and reduce your carbohydrate intake.
  • Protein is responsible for building muscle mass, and when the number of muscles increases, the amount of fat your body burns.
  • Protein also helps balance blood sugar and lower insulin levels.
  • Breakfast should start with a large amount of protein such as yogurt, protein smoothies and scrambled egg whites. You do not feel hungry until lunch when you eat proteins in the morning.
  • Protein helps maintain muscle mass during weight loss and increases metabolic rate.
  • Sources of protein are eggs, fish, chicken, beans, or dairy products at every other meal.
  1. Move your body

  • Aerobic exercise in your daily routine helps to get rid of belly fat.
  • It is also possible to use aerobic exercise in your daily routine.
  • If you are improving your overall health and burning fat quickly by burning many calories through high-intensity exercises such as jogging, swimming or aerobic exercise, but keep in mind that frequency and duration are necessary to achieve satisfactory results.
  • If you do not have a consistent exercise routine, walking is the easiest way to reduce belly fat.
  • In some studies, when a group of women walked for 50-70 minutes for 3 days a week, for a period of 12 weeks, a large amount of visceral fat was removed.
  1. Fresh lemon in warm water

  • Drinking warm water with lemon in the morning on an empty stomach helps start the metabolism and digestive system as well.
  • It is possible to add a little lemon to the water to get a better feeling and get rid of belly fat.
  1. You love your body and you work towards the body you want

  • Accepting yourself in shape and size is the most important thing to start changing your body as the desire to be healthy and accepting the body you have today do not have to be separate.
  • First, start thinking about your weight in the context of your overall health.
  • Getting rid of belly fat should energize you and make you feel proud of yourself, as this takes time and patience, as this may be difficult for many.
  • When you begin the process of losing weight and belly fat from a place of self-love and acceptance, you likely won’t be disappointed by a setback that is a common stumbling block that prevents many from completing the diet.
  1. Drink green tea daily

  • It is possible to get rid of belly fat when using antioxidants.
  • Green tea is one of the best detox drinks to help lose belly fat.
  • The active substance in green tea, catechins, speeds up the metabolism and helps the liver to burn fat.
  • For best results, you should eliminate sugar completely, or replace it with a natural sweetener that does not raise blood sugar when drinking green tea.
  1. Give yourself time to sleep

  • One of the best ways to lose belly fat is to get more sleep because obesity and belly fat are closely related to sleep apnea.
  • People who suffer from sleep apnea suffer from belly fat.

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