How to Lose Belly Fat fast

Everyone wants to know How to Lose Belly Fat fast in shape and have a great body, but as a personal trainer and nutritionist the questions I hear most are always related to losing belly fat and getting a six-pack. This is actually not surprising because the belly or abs are the centers of the body and everyone wants a good-looking belly or a ripped set of six pack abs.

How to Lose Belly Fat fast

But since so many people want to lose belly fat… why are do so many people fail? Why can’t people beat the challenge of losing weight permanently?

Why do most people quit building a healthy and good-looking body?

Taking care of your body is harder every day that goes by… this is because of a couple of reasons related to laziness, lack of proper information, and social conditioning. Our sedentary and modern lifestyle has less and less physical activity and the food we eat and is available all around us is more and more processed, comes in bigger portions, at cheaper prices, and at more convenient places and times…

This makes it more difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle and have a good-looking physique because the food has low quality and comes in big quantities. Because it’s available everywhere and because everybody is eating it, the human being just does what everybody else does… goes with the flow and eats and super-sized portions of processed, pesticide, antibiotic, and hormone enhanced foods.

The Myths and Illusions of the Fitness Industry

Losing belly fat or losing weight becomes even more difficult with all the hyped-up weight loss supplements, workout gadgets, and miraculous diets that come out every 2 weeks that promise the next revolution in “how to lose weight as fast as possible without getting off the sofa” techniques. There is so much stuff out there (with so much of it is total bullshit) that people don’t know what method to choose and who they should trust.

Although there are good methods and good information out there, finding good information about creating a healthy lifestyle in the most effective way possible is like finding a needle in a haystack.

If you look at the most popular diets many of them are totally conflicting, some say that a diet low on carbs is the best way to lose weight fast, another claims a vegetarian diet is the one and only way and others say to go low fat. Most of these diets come from doctors and health specialists that do everything to look genuine and truth full… but they are all selling their book.

Then there are the ab gadgets that promise six-pack abs with 10 minutes of exercise for 30 days if you buy their overpriced piece of junk gadget. All of these ab contraptions are total crap and they give no results… if they did there would be many people walking around with a six-pack from all the sales they did over the last 25 years.

Why Fitness Industry Wants to Keep You Guessing

The fitness industry is a very big one, you have weight loss supplements, exercise equipment, expensive gym memberships, personal trainers, and the list goes on. The health and fitness industry has a volume of $14 Billion a year and the nutrition and weight loss industry move $44 Billion a year.

The reason that this industry moves mountains of money is that they have repeat customers that don’t know anything about nutrition or health.

Because 95% of all these products don’t produce results most of this industry is just yanking people’s chains promising them miraculous results that no one ever saw reproduced. With all those marketing dollars people keep seeing and hearing these slogans and they start to believe it.

Even so, people keep falling into the same marketing traps, the promise of a perfect physique overnight, and everybody gets disappointed, quit for a while and after a couple of months, they buy the next magic pill.

With so much information and disinformation available it’s hard to see the difference between what is the right health and fitness advice and what is just over-hyped propaganda that comes from someone with ties to some sponsor that will entice you to spend money on some product down the line.

How To Get a Six Pack Fast… and Cheap

If you are wondering how to get a six pack fast then there is hope… however if you are looking for a magic bullet that will make your belly fat disappear overnight, without having to do anything for it then you are out of luck.

How to Lose Belly Fat fast

Most people want a quick fix, with no effort, with no time investment, with no extra education and no changes to their lifestyle… but that quick fix has to make all the belly fat disappear overnight. I am sorry to say, but there is nothing like that on the market today.

But if you are willing to put in a little work you can learn how to lose belly fat in a fast way and get your six-pack abs showing, while at the same time creating a healthy and strong body. All you have to do is follow some sound diet advice and apply a few training principles that will make your body burn fat.

Through my personal trainer career and through this site I have seen some incredible transformations. Even from people with big beer guts and flabby bellies… all they did was put in some time to learn the basic principles, they followed the diet and the exercise advice and they got results. You just need to put in the work.

Become Healthy, Look Good and Have More Energy

Changing your diet does not mean that you won’t enjoy food anymore. It also doesn’t mean you can’t eat a lot of food anymore. There are some myths that have been ingrained in society about the consumption of fat, diet products, soy products that you have to understand and dispel.

After you learn this you will be relieved and building a better body will be so much easier.

Did you know that eating less fat can actually make you gain weight? Did you know that soy products interfere with your hormonal system and cause weight gain and serious diseases?

When you do an effort to understand the dynamic of big corporations and their money, many of your food choices will become much easier and like second nature. You will get much stronger health and you will lose weight with much less mental effort or physical strain.

The best news is that changing your eating habits for the better is a liberating experience because it doesn’t feel restrictive and you will feel increased energy and feel health benefits in less than two weeks. Imagine teaching this to your children and loved ones, they will have a higher quality of life because of their increased health and strength.

Upgrade Your Quality Of Life

All it takes is to know to choose the right foods in the supermarket, eat at the right times, and know your proportions and quantities.

As a result, you will start feeling more energized and become more productive, which will further fuel your motivation to keep your diet balanced in conjunction with following a training program that is fun and challenging at the same time.

On this website you can learn everything about how to lose belly fat fast and how to get a six pack fast… they are actually the same thing because you just have to know how to lose fat and you will gradually progress to a good-looking six-pack.

Lose Fat Naturally and Permanently

Many people don’t know how to lose weight naturally and in a healthy way, this is what I want to teach you so you can transform your body and help your children and loved ones build strong health and a good-looking body.

Excess body fat is not only unpleasing to the eye, but it also carries health risks and reduced mobility. You can improve your quality of life, physical performance, and health by having a strong and good-looking midsection and prolong your life by reducing the risks of type II diabetes, various types of cancer, and a low risk for heart disease.

how lose belly fat ?

I know that most people want to know how to lose belly fat because they want to improve their physical appearance so I won’t talk too much about the health benefits that you get by reducing your body fat percentage. I will leave the talk about why abdominal fat is even more unhealthy than other types of fat for another time because that is a subject all on its own.

For me, the most important aspect of creating good food and exercise habits that lead to rock-solid health, above average physical appearance, and a body that can do all the physical tasks of your day-to-day activities is all summed up in one expression: quality of life.

That is my personal objective and that is what it’s all about. This is what will make you happy. Being able to create a lifestyle where you are confident, happy in a body that irradiates health and happiness.

The only thing that most people have a problem with is doing the work needed to get there, something that is twisted and becomes confusing with all the big companies that want your money.

It’s like the whole society pushes into a mold where we have to consume bad food and where we should always look for the magic pill… that will just give some hope followed by the disappointment of no results whatsoever.

Think outside the box

If you think a little bit “out of the box” and get some good eating and exercise advice it will be much easier than you think. Losing belly fat is not a challenge, it’s a system, a set of principles, and if you follow it you will get results.

You just have to do the work and apply the tips and principles to know how to burn the fat off your belly and the rest of your body. So much is written about how to lose weight fast and naturally, there is so much false and misleading information out there.

Here, on this site, you will find information that is true, solid, tested and it doesn’t cost you a penny. Good luck with your challenge to create a strong healthy, good-looking body and higher quality and enjoyment of life.

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