HOW TO Lose Belly Fat for Women ?

If you are a woman trying to Lose Belly Fat or are thinking about it, you probably have asked yourself what’s the best way to lose belly fat for women that is healthy and do not involve non-stop exercise. Many people wonder if it is possible for women to shrink the size of their belly without shrinking everywhere else.

HOW TO Lose Belly Fat for Women ?

To achieve a thinner belly, many people will go about a never-ending regime of sit-ups. But concentrating like this really won’t do much good. The reason is that it is impossible to lose fat just in the belly without targeting the whole body for fat loss. But do not worry. If you want to make your belly look flatter without doing much to the rest of your body you can accomplish this!

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Food to lose belly fat for women

Just as there are foods that make you put on more weight than usual in your midsection, there are also foods that can reduce it. It isn’t even about how much you eat. Some types of food really do make a big impact on abdomen fat.

The two biggest chemicals that affect our waistline are caffeine and nicotine. Both are well-known and popular stimulants. And while they work great at keeping you awake, they also put us in danger by boosting your heart rate and blood pressure. When this happens our body goes into emergency mode. It thinks something is happening in our environment and that it needs to start storing extra calories in case we end up with nothing to eat for a while. The belly is where this extra fat goes first.

The reason this happens is due to the hormone cortisol. It is directly responsible for fat storage, especially on our waist. Abdomen fat is dangerous because it has links to not just diabetes but heart disease, cancer, and other ailments.

Another chemical we put in our body unknowingly causing fat gain is artificial sweeteners. You would think that an artificial sweetener would help you lose weight, but this is not true. Studies actually show that artificial sweeteners throw our blood sugar level off balance due to the overproduction of insulin. After eating or drinking an artificially sweetened product we end up feeling hungry. As a result, we eat even more, which gets converted and stored as fat in our bellies.

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So what can you eat that won’t end up as fat on your waistline? Foods that do not stress our body and cause calories to be stored as fat. Whole-grain bread and pasta are great because they take a while to digest, as are whole grain nuts. Lean meats and vegetables should also be consumed.

Giving up caffeine can be hard, so if you need to get it in try to drink green tea instead. Green tea not only gives you the energy you want but contains helpful anti-oxidants and other chemicals which help speed up metabolism.
Exercise routines that lose belly fat for women

Just like in Frank Sinatra’s song love and marriage, fat loss needs both a diet and exercise to be successful. You can’t just target your belly fat as you need to reduce weight across your whole body. But you can do some workouts to help strengthen your abs that will make them more apparent and push away that fat as you melt it away.
Cardio, no matter what kind it is, is good. Have a dog? Take her for a brisk walk around the block in the morning and at night.

Food to lose belly fat for women

Are you a gardener? Spend your evening pulling out weeds. Find whatever it is that you like to do and try to spend a couple of hours a week doing it. You will find that because you are doing what you like, you are more prone to continue doing it. And in no time you will see the pounds disappearing.

Another important factor to consider is strength training. Muscles burn more calories than fat, so the more lean muscles you have the more fat you can burn during downtime. The best routine is one that works for many muscle groups at the same time. A workout ball is great for this as it forces your whole body to work to maintain balance. Try incorporating one of these into your workout and set a solid schedule that you will stick to.

Remember to rest between your workout sessions and drink plenty of fluids. If you don’t, your body will not be able to lose fat as effectively. Your goal should be about an ounce for each pound you weigh.

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